Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney for just $39 at

visit to enroll in a common sense estate plan for just $39/mo
Think you need to have a lot of assets to need an estate plan?  Common sense tells you that we are all going to pass away at some point, yet not many people under the age of 60 think about their estate planning.  Heck not many people under the age of 40 think about their estate planning because they just assume that loved ones that survive them will take care of things like who takes charge of their remains, looks after their children, pets, car, house, gun collection, record collection, video collection, furniture heirlooms from ancestors, business assets like your stocks, bonds, business client lists, technical library, etc., When you do nothing and pass away or are injured beyond the point of capacity to care for yourself and make decisions for yourself, the state assigns your stuff to a probate court to decide what happens to things, and it charges your estate fees for this.  If you actually do have assets with value, they are appraised and taxed as an estate tax to your surviving successors unless you have an estate plan in place including a trust which you create that holds these things of value to you while you are alive and passes them to your successors upon your passing or incapacity without triggering an estate tax or probate proceeding.  The cost to set it all up is $39/month and is as easy as writing a letter to your friends and family with the tools we provide.  Don't you owe it to yourself and family to have peace of mind that your personal stuff is together and in order so the legacy you leave survivors isn't questions or burdens.  Call 301-892-0207 to attend a mycare estate planning seminar, or enroll at

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