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Debt Management Solutions To Eliminate Credit Card Interest and Budgeting

The best debt management solution available solves the problem of budgeting and eliminating high interest rate credit cards and getting your credit score to rapidly increase with this great software tool.  This software called Debt Zero is available exclusively to FES Protection Plan members and acts like a financial GPS.  Input your cash inflows and outflows, and when an emergency comes up like the transmission or refrigerator needs repair, and you can't stick to your monthly budget, as planned, debt zero will automatically recalculate the necessary payment to make to keep on track to meet your goals of saving, funding investment accounts and paying off debts in half the time or paying off all debts to zero without having to find new sources of money or income.  There is simply no better solution available in the United States.  When you combine this service with the free online web bill pay and escrow account that you fund and manage with your Protection Plan Black MasterCard Prepaid Debit Card that you use exclusively to fund other accounts in conjunction with this software, you will never go back to paying interest on debts and will quickly go to earning interest on savings.  Our members are the types of Americans who earn interest rather than pay interest.  Join us at

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Credit Repair Myths Explained

The following 5 myths about credit repair that need to be understood without hype or sales pitch before paying a dime:
  1. "Credit repair companies are scam artists out to fleece the consumer."  Not true.  Reputable companies that are members in good standing with the congressional lobbying and representative group for this industry with the National Association of Credit Services Organization are well above board.  The industry group maintain a strict adherance to laws and governance of their industry to make sure there are no scams taking place and that scammers are identified and not allowed in their group.  Of the seemingly thousands of credit repair companies registered in the US, there are less than 200 members of NACSO in good standing.  Look for NACSO membership before engaging a credit repair company or law firm.
  2. "Credit repair companies that charge up front are not allowed to do so and any company that does so is a scam."  Not true either.  Under the guidelines established, credit services organizations or affiliated representatives that operate as for-profit enterprises can not charge up front for services.  Nonprofit organizations that provide services are allowed to charge for services in conjunction with financial education or counseling services and quite legitimately charge for their services such as the United Credit Education Services organization has done for the last 10 years.
  3. "Any credit repair company that promises to remove derogatories is just doing what you could do yourself."  Technically true.  But you would have a lot of work to do on your own. First you would have to sign up with your bank or credit card company to pay to pull trimerge credit reports each month or pay for continuous monitoring and keep tabs on all 3 bureaus of your credit report every month.  Then for every derogatory that shows up, you would have to generate a letter of dispute, sign it with evidence of your dispute and your authenticity of submitting the specific dispute, and send the letters to each specific bureau each time some derogatory shows up.  Then you have to mail them off, physically await reply and repeat this process every month to remain vigilant and hope you don't miss some derogatory, or that you don't forget to do this one month when you're on vacation or busy  working or travelling.  There are a few reputable companies that provide this service with automated software that does all this for you (at
  4. "Any disputed item still counts against you for buying a home by underwriting in residential mortgage applications."   True only if the derogatory is not erroneous and there is a balance still outstanding.  If there remains a balance outstanding on a derogotary account (even if it is still outstanding from a charge off that has been removed from the credit report) as well as the monthy payment do count in the debt to income ratio that is used to calculate the loan applicant's ability to meet the borrower's total debt to income ratio for underwriting.  Any loan officer who doesn't factor this should know better as your originator and should not submit a loan application to underwriting without first factoring total debts (including those that are not showing up or are possibly erroneous and should assume them to be included for the underwriting formula) to ensure a smooth closing.  If the debts are erroneous, they will not count, but an originator would be wise to inform the borrower or applicant of derogatories reporting and include them in the total debt to income.  So it really does not matter, and the fact that erroneous derogatories are disputed and deleted, only elevates the credit score of the applicant. 
  5. The final myth about credit repair services by nonprofits or as part of credit counseling services is that "legitimate credit repair services are free or close to free when the borrower does the work themselves and stays vigilant with their credit reports."  Completely false!   Any legitimate credit repair service will charge you upwards of a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars (usually attorneys charging minimum fees for their billable time) for a legitimate service.  The most reputable I would recommend to family and friends is United Credit Education Services which only charges $499/yr (or $199 up front and $39/month for a year's service).
To learn more contact a United Credit Education Services representative at or at 301-259-1721.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Who do you know with less than perfect credit? Have them call 301-259-1721 Today!

Get the good credit you deserve!  Our service will help you remove any inaccurate, erroneous and obsolete information in your credit file including late payments, charge offs, collections, repossessions, foreclosures, bankruptcies, public records, judgments, tax liens, student loans. Maximizing your credit score. 
A higher credit score will bring better rates on mortgages or refinances, no or low interest on credit cards, lower rates on car loans, better rates on insurance, positive results for job screenings and security clearance.  Restore your credit and change your life forever! offers highly effective, proven results with a money-back guarantee!  For more information, call Raj Dwivedi today at 301-259-1721.

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Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney for just $39 at

visit to enroll in a common sense estate plan for just $39/mo
Think you need to have a lot of assets to need an estate plan?  Common sense tells you that we are all going to pass away at some point, yet not many people under the age of 60 think about their estate planning.  Heck not many people under the age of 40 think about their estate planning because they just assume that loved ones that survive them will take care of things like who takes charge of their remains, looks after their children, pets, car, house, gun collection, record collection, video collection, furniture heirlooms from ancestors, business assets like your stocks, bonds, business client lists, technical library, etc., When you do nothing and pass away or are injured beyond the point of capacity to care for yourself and make decisions for yourself, the state assigns your stuff to a probate court to decide what happens to things, and it charges your estate fees for this.  If you actually do have assets with value, they are appraised and taxed as an estate tax to your surviving successors unless you have an estate plan in place including a trust which you create that holds these things of value to you while you are alive and passes them to your successors upon your passing or incapacity without triggering an estate tax or probate proceeding.  The cost to set it all up is $39/month and is as easy as writing a letter to your friends and family with the tools we provide.  Don't you owe it to yourself and family to have peace of mind that your personal stuff is together and in order so the legacy you leave survivors isn't questions or burdens.  Call 301-892-0207 to attend a mycare estate planning seminar, or enroll at

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Restore Good Credit
This organization is a good non-profit member services organization that I like and trust that can repair and maintain consumer credit profiles to remove derogatories such as foreclosures, bankruptcies (after discharge), short sales, late payments, and other outdated derogatories dragging a credit score down.  I know them to be a great non-profit service provider that is a credit union based service providing a comprehensive service of wills, trusts and power of attorney, Lifelock identity theft
protection and debit card Mastercard that pays you to use it, and when others you refer uses it.  Find out more here about their great services.